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Lower Premiums Than Any Other Title Agent

Title insurance premiums vary from purchase to purchase, as they are based on the purchase price and mortgage amount on a property. Because of this, they can get very expensive and inflate closing costs dramatically.

Thoroughbred Title Services is the only reduced-rate title agent in New York State, able to offer title insurance premiums that are 10% lower. The premiums that title insurance companies cite have to be approved by the state, and historically, have been offered at a uniform rate. But Thoroughbred Title Services changed that.

How is Thoroughbred Able to Offer Lower Premiums?

In 2010, our underwriter, with the help of Thoroughbred , was able to secure approval from the New York State Department of Insurance (now the New York State Department of Financial Services) to offer premium rates 10% below our competitors. We’re able to offer the lower rate alongside reduced-fee title services, which means you can save your clients as much as 26% on closing costs if they use Thoroughbred.

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